How Long After Mommy Makeover Can I Exercise?

Welcome back to our Questions About Mommy Makeover Series! In this installment, we’re tackling one of the top concerns for Florida residents who’ve undergone a mommy makeover: “how long after mommy makeover can I exercise?” It’s understandable to want to get back to your active lifestyle as soon as possible, but it’s crucial to remember that proper post-surgical care plays a significant role in achieving the best results. In this blog post, we’ll explore the exercise restrictions and guidelines for resuming exercise, as well as some tips for easing back into your workout routine safely.

Exercise Restrictions After Your Mommy Makeover

The specific time frame for resuming exercise after your mommy makeover depends largely on the procedures performed and whether or not muscle work was involved. For example, an abdominoplasty without muscle repair, or diastasis recti, will typically have a shorter recovery period and a quicker return to exercise than one with muscle repair. Similarly, if you had a breast lift without implants, you may be able to resume exercise sooner than if you had an augmentation with implants.

In general, if no muscle work was done, a slow and steady return to exercise can start after two weeks. However, if muscle work was performed, you may need to wait four to six weeks before resuming physical activity.

Following Post-Op Instructions

Sticking to your surgeon’s post-op instructions is crucial to avoid unnecessary complications caused by doing too much too soon. Remember, your body has undergone significant changes and needs time to heal before you can place any stress on it through exercise.

This means avoiding activities like lifting anything over 5-10 pounds and pushing/pulling heavy objects for at least a couple of weeks post-surgery. Your surgeon will guide you on how to safely carry your little ones or perform similar tasks during your healing period.

Light Exercises During Recovery

We know how important it is for many Florida residents to maintain an active lifestyle, even during recovery. To ease back into exercise, start with walking short distances and gradually increase the distance as your body feels more comfortable. Running and weightlifting should be avoided until you receive clearance from your surgeon.

You may also consider incorporating other low-impact exercises, such as swimming or using a stationary bike, after your surgeon removes your drains and provides the go-ahead for these activities—typically, a minimum of two weeks post-op.

Resuming High-Impact Workouts

For most mommy makeover patients, waiting about six weeks before returning to high-impact workouts is advised. Your surgeon will assess your healing progress at a follow-up appointment and determine if you’re ready to reintegrate higher-intensity exercises.

Once you get the green light, take care to ease back into your workout regimen, keeping in mind your surgeon’s specific recommendations for how to do so safely. Overdoing it too soon can lead to complications or prolong your recovery, so it’s essential to listen to your body and avoid pushing yourself too hard.

Answer: How Long After a Mommy Makeover Can I Exercise?

It is safe to return to any amount of exercise after six weeks after your operation. While light exercise can start earlier, it is safer to wait a full six (6) weeks.

The key to successfully resuming exercise after a mommy makeover is patience and adherence to your surgeon’s post-op instructions. By following the guidelines outlined in this blog post, you can safely return to your active lifestyle and enjoy the incredible results of your mommy makeover journey. Remember, taking the proper steps to care for yourself during recovery will help ensure the best possible outcome for your transformative procedure.

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